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dark side




Do you want to discover a darker side to Glasgow? You’re in the right place!


A city well-known for its turbulent past, Glasgow has a lot of secrets. Built by industry, shaped by its working class, and run by gangs operating out of ice-cream vans. This 1.5 hour tour with a local guide will take you on a walk in the darker side of Glasgow’s history - some centuries ago, some decades, and some still happening in the city today. 


From unsolved murders to tales of notorious inmates and Glasgow’s foundations as a city built on the back of slavery, this tour will bring our dark past into light as you discover a different side to this iconic city. 


We recommend taking this tour in the evening darkness for full effect! It’s not always possible in the summer (10pm sunsets!) but that won’t dampen your experience.

      £65 (up to 6 people then only £10pp)

      outside Glasgow Cathedral (email us to change to hotel etc.)

Private Tour Info

You can book a private tour and pay through our website here. The price is for a group of up to 18 people and you can choose your own start time.

If you wish to choose a different starting point (such as your hotel), please email us and we can arrange this for you. If you wish to add dinner/food, we can arrange this for you as well via email.

Bookings must be made 48 hours in advance.

For larger private tours, please email us.