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Autumn in Glasgow? Wander the parks!

Updated: Mar 3, 2020


If you're lucky enough to have found yourself in Glasgow in autumn season, you're in the right place! Glasgow really comes alive in autumn as the locals get out and enjoy the many parks around the city.

Here's our take on the three best parks in the city:

1. Kelvingrove Park

Not only is this park incredibly lively (at all times of year but especially in autumn), but it hosts arguably the best museum in the city, Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. After you've climbed the hill towards Park Circus to get a view over the west of the city, head towards the museum for a free. We recommend heading at 2pm to catch the live organ performance, and then explore the hidden beauties tucked away in all parts of the museum.


2. Pollok Country Park

A bit further away from where you may be as a tourist to the city, but so worth it! If you're tired of the busy city, take a bus (or, of course, walk) to Pollok Country Park in the south of the city. Originally part of a private estate and then gifted to the city, you can see the wealth of the Maxwell family. Now host to a cricket and bowling club, this park is perfect for a walk with family, or a decent run. Plus, who would pass up a chance to see some beautiful highland coo's?

3. Alexandra Park

Named after Princess Alexandra from Denmark, Alexandra Park is an absolute pleasure to wander around on a nice autumn day. There are so many activities in the park to fill an afternoon, including a whole golf course! On a crisp, clear day you can even see the beautiful Ben Lomond in the distance, so don't miss this one.

If you've stumbled across this article, we hope you have a fantastic trip in Glasgow. If you're looking for a guided tour, you can visit our website for a wide range of tours.

Happy travelling in Glasgow!

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