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The Five Best Brunch Spots in St Andrews

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Brunch was initially introduced to the culinary discourse in the nineteenth century as a hangover cure. That’s right, the concept of fusing breakfast and lunch together was Guy Beringer’s (allegedly), designed for individuals who couldn’t make it out of bed in time for breakfast!

Brunch is no longer confined to ambiguous hours (sometime between breakfast and lunch) and many establishments serve brunch throughout the day: excellent news if you’re craving avocado on toast at four o'clock! I’ll guide you through some of my favourite brunch spots in St Andrews (in no particular order) because to be honest, you’re spoilt for choice.

The ultimate stack with hollandaise sauce, poached eggs, bacon, black pudding, haggis and chorizo. Stacked on top of a toasted English muffin.
The Ultimate Stack at Bibi's Café. Source: Bibi's Café Instagram

Located on North Street, Bibi’s Cafe is a cosy, quirky café that reasons: 'it's never too late for brunch'. Bibi's brunch specials include avocado toast with smoked salmon, homemade blueberry pancakes and an upgrade to eggs benedict: Bibi's Ultimate Stack (poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, chorizo, black pudding, bacon and haggis). No need to leave the warmth of your bed prior to lunchtime, brunch is served all day!

Pancakes Drizzled with Syrup at Mitchell's Deli. Source: Mitchell's Deli Instagram

Mitchell's Deli serves a 'lazy brunch' until 5pm. Dishes include the cheesy bean skillet, sweet potato fritters and veggie breakfast, made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Mitchell's Deli's selection of vegan and vegetarian options were designed to intrigue meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. However, if these options don't convince you, the full scottish breakfast (pork and leek sausage, bacon, haggis, black pudding, hash brown bites, mushroom, potato scone and homemade beans) might. Add a mimosa or bloody mary for 4.95 and make it a boozy brunch!

The Balgove Breakfast at Balgove Larder.

The Balgove Larder is located twenty five minutes walk from St Andrews. The brunch menu is limited (and only served until 11:30am) however there is something on the menu for everyone, particularly if you like eggs! The menu includes eggs benedict, homemade granola with yoghurt and The Balgove Breakfast. Browse in the farm shop after breakfast and purchase some fresh local produce (eggs, jam and sourdough) to make your own Balgove Breakfast at home!

Gorgeous Café Exterior. Source: Gorgeous Café Instagram

Gorgeous is self-described as an independent, nineteen forties themed café with its own 'brunch club'. Quirky classics include West End Wendy (smashed avocado on toasted brioche with smoked salmon and poached eggs), Veggie Please (toasted brioche with scrambled eggs, halloumi and homemade coleslaw) and The Brigadoon (pancakes with back bacon and butter drizzled with maple syrup). You can find Gorgeous Café on Bell Street.

If you are looking for delicious, affordable brunch from a no-fuss café with welcoming servers, look no further than The Canny Soul on South Street. The menu includes morning rolls, warmed croissants and toasted muffins (all of which are completely customisable).

The Canny Soul Exterior: Source: Facebook



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