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The best views and top Instagram spots in St Andrews!

St Andrews is a beautiful Scottish town with some amazing views that will blow you away! (sometimes literally)

With so many incredible views, we hope to breakdown the most Instagramable spots for you to visit in this blog!

To find these spots, simply click on the pictures below to find out where these picture opportunities are situated📍

St Andrews Castle

St Andrews Castle

Overlooking the coastline of St Andrews is the medieval St Andrews castle. Whilst much of the castle is remains, it only draws more intrigue and fascination to the site. With a beautiful view outward into the sea and a bottle dungeon below – this small castle packs a large punch!

The West Sands Beach

West Sands Beach

The West Sands Beach in St Andrews

Windswept, lengthy and flat. The West Sands beach is remarkably gorgeous and makes for some fantastic photo opportunities. However, if you really want to push the boat out, then capturing the sunrise or sunset will take your photo to different heights!

Town Centre

St Andrews town centre

St Andrews town centre

The historical and cobblestoned streets around the town centre are really quite charming. With many local shops, fountains and petite buildings, St Andrews is one of a kind. Whether you venture up the main streets or take a peek down one of the side alleyways, the streets are delightful.

Botanical Gardens

St Andrews Botanical gardens

Humble in size, the St Andrews Botanical gardens is a remarkably scenic visit. With large glass houses and diverse geographical displays, the garden offers many wonderful photo opportunities. This is a must visit, if you’re looking for a picturesque collection of photos.

St Andrews Cathedral

St Andrews Cathedral tour

St Andrews Cathedral

The stunning collection of pictures above speak for themselves. Grand in scale, the collection of ruins makes for some magical and striking photos. This is perhaps the most impressive out of the five chosen places!

Thank you very much for reading!

To visit some of these sites and get your pictures - check out our walking tours at:

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