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The best things to do when it is raining in St Andrews

Updated: May 11, 2022

So, it’s raining in St Andrews…

Unsurprisingly, this is not uncommon at all for Scotland! One minute you may find yourself under some beautiful rays of sunshine and the next under a blistering Baltic storm. After all, this is a country where four seasons of weather can happen in a day!

So, whilst the rain beats down, what does St Andrews offer to protect yourselves? The answer is – A LOT!

This blog will therefore show the best places to visit in St Andrews to keep yourselves protected from the weather!

St Andrews Aquarium

Penguins in St Andrews

Marmosets in St Andrews Aquarium

Situated just off the north cliffs of St Andrews lies the St Andrews Aquarium. By going underground to explore the wonderful marine life, you will be well and truly protected from any showers outside! This aquarium offers a diverse and exciting range of creatures. From sharks and octopuses to meerkats and penguins – you will not be disappointed! Best of all, they have recently added two unbelievably cute marmosets for you to see. Click here to see the website.

British Golf Museum

Old Course in St Andrews, Scotland

This museum is located across from the famous old course. If you are passionate, interested or curious about the history of golf, then this could be the perfect place for you to visit. The museum holds some fascinating facts and information of some of the seminal achievements from legends of the sport. You can also find some of the equipment and prizes from over the years. Moreover, they have a great café for you to grab a tea or coffee whilst you dry off! Click here to see the website.

St Andrews Museum

St Andrews Museum in Scotland

Based in breath taking Victorian era mansion is the St Andrews museum. Also, its free! So, all the more reason to visit and explore this fantastic museum. The museum holds a variety of displays, objects and images that provide a fascinating insight into the rich history of St Andrews. They also have a unique museum shop which presents work from brilliant local artists. Click here to see the website.

Scotland’s Secret Nuclear Bunker

The secret nuclear bunker in Scotland

Located about 5 miles outside of the city centre of St Andrews, is Scotland’s secret nuclear bunker. This location definitely won’t be affected by the rain…

This visitor attraction is a real hidden gem that provides a very unique experience. Built during the cold war, this bunker is positioned 100ft underground. The history behind this bunker is extremely intriguing and a must visit if you have the time! Click here to see the website.

Walking Tours in St Andrews

Town tour of St Andrews

Lastly, a walking tour around some of the best loc… WAIT, a walking tour? Outside? When it’s raining? YES, even in the rain! Our walking tours are accustomed to all weathers and are enjoyable regardless! So, if you want a great day out round the best tourist sites then grab your brollies and jackets! Click here to book.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and stay tuned for all the upcoming blogs 🧡

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