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Rainy Day Activities in Inverness

Updated: May 11, 2022

Oh Inverness! Once voted the happiest place to live in Scotland, it's clear to see why: its river, castle, museums and botanical gardens to name a few are bound to get you out and about exploring on foot. But what is there to do on a rainy, windy, snowy day? Here's a few of our indoor favourites:

This covered market is based in the heart of the UK's most northern city. With boutique shops, cafes and even hairdressers, you are sure to find something that takes your fancy at the Victorian Market. Opened in the 19th Century, this charming building is a great place for locally sourced and authentic souvenirs, gifts, and snacks. Tour guide Gerard particularly recommends the cheese scones!

Lose yourself in tales of Jacobite risings, Harry Potter or find a hidden gem inside Scotland's largest 2nd hand bookshop. Established in 1979 and currently located inside a 250 year old church, Leakey's Bookshop is not be be missed on any visit to Inverness. Sit by the wood-burning fire place or peruse the shelves at this intimate and fascinating place, the hours will fly by!

Sitting on the bank of the river ness, Eden Court is a theatre, cinema and gallery rolled into one, what's not to love?! Whether you are catching the latest blockbuster or viewing one of their ever changing exhibitions in the gallery, there is something for everyone. With a restaurant and bar inside too, you can get a glimpse and taste of what Inverness has to offer all without braving the weather!

If there's a break in the clouds or you fancy an 'authentic' rainy walk with a passionate local, be sure to take a Walking Tour of Inverness, available at 11:30am and 6pm every day throughout the summer! Find out more here.

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