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My favourite walks in South Queensferry

Emilija Morrison: Business Development Assistant

Having spent lockdown 2020 living in South Queensferry, I grew to know the town well. Most places were shut during our stay here so our only option was to go on walks. We usually had around one walk a day and managed to discover quite a few gems along the way. Scroll through to read of my favourite walks in South Queensferry!

  1. Take a walk by Port Edgar Marina

Handily, there is a car park right by Port Edgar Marina. Park here and then take a walk along the grass by the restaurant, soaking in the sun as you do. The further along you go, you will notice yachts and boats parked. A fun game we played was looking at all the names of the boats and choosing our favourites. Interestingly enough, last year Marina hosted “Film Fest on the Forth”, an initiative run by the film festival. Films were screened here over a few days in July and August, the likes of classics such as “Titanic” shown. Look out to see if anything similar runs in the future.

2. Go to the beach

The beach is one of the highlights of South Queensferry. There are many of them dotted along the coast of the town, varying in size. If staying overnight here, an idea is to wake up early and go for a run along the beach. I did this a lot in lockdown and it was the perfect start to the morning.

3. Stroll through Hopetoun House grounds and the surrounding area

This one is best if you own a car, for this place is rather tricky to get to on foot. Another idea is to go here by bike. One has two options for walks when here. Either one can visit the grounds of Hopetoun House itself, or, alternatively, one can walk in the nearby area on the John Muir Way. We opted for the latter and stumbled across an absolutely glorious walk, one abound with sheep and a magnificent view of the house in the distance. At Halloween time, the estate also hosts “Wondrous Woods” in the evenings, a delight with parents and children alike. I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.

For more details visit here.

4. Take a walk through Shore Walk

A picturesque trail from South Queensferry to Cramond, this is one not to be missed. The walk spans four and a half miles and on the walk, one is able to take in all the stunning views of the bridges.

For more info visit here.

5. Walk along the Forth Road Bridge

Despite spending months in South Queensferry, I only walked along the bridge once. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this walk as one gets the best view of the Forth Bridge. This one is really something, especially when the sun is out.


If you are in need of another kind of walk, we offer walking tours of South Queensferry. Click here for more details and how to book!

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