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Five things to do in Birmingham

Emilija Morrison: Business Development Assistant

The UK's second city, Birmingham, is one less visited by tourists than cities such as London and Edinburgh. Nevertheless, Birmingham is brimming with fun things to do, unique experiences that you won't get anywhere else.

1. Birmingham Back to Back

Unfortunately, much of history tends to focus on the upper classes and royalty and neglects so much to tell the stories of poorer people. However, the great thing about Birmingham Back to Back is that it educates the public on the lives of the working classes in the 19th and 20th centuries. From the website, it appears that opening times are severely limited at the moment, so check before you visit.

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2. Coffin works

For something a little different, take a visit to Coffin Works. Choose from a guided or self-guided tour. You’ll learn how much of the world’s greatest coffin furniture was made here, including the fittings for funerals of public figures such as Winston Churchill and the Queen Mother. You’ll regret not giving this one a try.

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3. Pen Museum

Another museum definitely worth a visit is the Pen Museum. In the Victorian era, Birmingham was the leading pen manufacturer in the world. Most of what was written in the world was written on pens made in one of the factories here. Opened in 2001, the museum delves into the history of the trade, in an enjoyable way for both children and adults alike.

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4. RUN OF A KIND Running Tour

An experience you've unlikely never encountered before - a running tour of a city. The tours can be taken by runners of different abilities and there are several distances you can run, of up to 12km. There are various types of running tours you can go on, such as a street art tour or a chocolate tour.

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5. Go on a Walking Tour

If you'd rather go on a more relaxed tour, a walking tour is the perfect option. On this tour, you'll not only see and learn about our history, but you’ll also gain an authentic insight into modern life in the city today and explore some hidden gems along the way! From Birmingham’s boom during the industrial revolution, to our iconic canals, and of course, the home of Cadbury chocolate! There’s something for everyone on this unique experience.

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