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Five of the best cafes in South Queensferry

Updated: May 12, 2022

Emilija Morrison: Business Development Assistant

We've enjoyed blogging about South Queensferry in our previous posts. We talked about our favourite walks and our favourite things to do in South Queensferry. Today, we cover our favourite cafes in the town...

1. Down the Hatch

Located in an outdoor seating area at Port Edgar Marina, this is the perfect place to go on a rare hot sunny day. Watch the world go by as you sip on one of their old fashioned shakes with flavours such as maple waffle and Hershey's chocolate. The succulent burgers are also worth a mention, too.

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2. The Manna House Bakery & Patisserie

Since 2017, the cafe has been offering customers delicious cakes and views of the three bridges. On offer are a breakfast and brunch menu, as well as a kids menu and an all-day menu. There are some particularly interesting delicacies on offer, an example being the tower of toast.

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3. Loulou's Icecream and Coffee Shop

For anyone with a sweet tooth, this is the place to go in South Queensferry. Whether you feel like waffles, ice cream or sweets... You'll definitely find something to satisfy your taste buds.

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4. Picnic Kiosk

With coronavirus still being prevalent, sitting outside still seems the most sensible option. Luckily, the Picnic Kiosk has outdoor seating. On offer are a range of Italian coffee and Italian ciabattas and paninis.

For more information click here.

5. Ferry Tasty

Apparently, the owner Chris came up with the idea of running his own cafe in quarantine. We think it was a great idea of his, for the place is incredible. The cafe offers a menu that according to them is "fresh, local and sustainable."

For more information click here.


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