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Amazing and Awesome Reasons to visit St Andrews

St Andrews has a rich history with lots of amazing tourist sites around the town. It is loved by tourists around the world for its amazing heritage sites, lovely atmosphere and scenic views. This love is for good reason, with there being numerous reasons to visit this beautiful Scottish town.

This blog will show some of the amazing and awesome reasons to visit St Andrews.

Rich History

St Andrews has a huge amount of fascinating history despite its small size. Firstly, it is home to the oldest and first University in Scotland – the University of St Andrews. The prestigious University is one of the top Universities in the UK attracting students around the world. It is also known as the ‘home of golf’ being the birthplace of this intriguing sport. Since then, it is the home to the Royal and Ancient Golf Club and venue for the Open Championships. Adding to the list, the town is dotted with majestic scenic ruins including St Andrews castle and St Andrews cathedral. Within the story behind each of these sites is an intriguing, fascinating and surprising history behind all of them…

Buzzing Atmosphere

St Andrews is very much a lively and friendly city. With just under half the population consisting of students, the town is often buzzing and filled with energy during the University term time. There is also an abundance of shops, cafes and restaurants making it an enjoyable town with plenty to see.

Stunning views

A top reason to visit St Andrews is for the amazing scenery and sites to feast your eyes on. Without a doubt, there are loads of Instagramable spots for you find. Whether you visit the gothic ruins, the lush botanical gardens or the windswept beaches, you will be sure find a spot that makes it worth your trip!

Great for Gin, Whiskey and Beer fans!

If you’re a lover of any of the above beverages, then St Andrews offers a lot of unique and interesting options. St Andrews is home to many brewery’s and distillery’s that do Scotland proud. One of these is the St Andrews Brewing Company. This is an exciting company primarily offering a range of brilliant IPA flavours but also offering unique gins like the orange, Cardamom and Tonka Bean Gin! Eden Mill is another major distillery that is very popular offering traditional and modern flavours of Gins, Whiskeys and Beers. They are particularly a must try if you love Gin (with their original gin winning the ‘Scottish gin of the year 2018’). The company often offer tasting sessions at the Rusacks Hotel in St Andrews which you can check out!

Thank you again for reading and leave a comment on what awesome things you love about St Andrews 👇

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