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24 Hours In: Stirling

Find yourself with only a day in Stirling? Don't worry, we've got you covered with a day full of activities!

9:30am: Brunch at Dempsey's Diner

Enjoy a lie in before stopping for brunch at Dempsey's Diner. There are so many good breakfast spots in Stirling's new town but we especially love our breakfast here. Make sure you get a full Scottish breakfast to fill up before your day!

11am: Join our 1.5 hour walking tour!

Learn all about the city's rich history on our 1.5 hour walking tour which leads you up the castle area. Hear things you won't hear anywhere else from a local who loves their home city, Stirling.

12:30pm: Lunch at The Portcullis

Just down from the finishing point of the walking tour, you'll find this lovely pub-esque restaurant for a traditional Scottish lunch. In summer, you can sit outside and basque in the sun, and in winter you can get cosy inside.

2pm: Explore the Castle

After lunch, walk two minutes to get to the castle. Stirling Castle is definitely a favourite for visitors coming to Stirling. Can you really visit Stirling without visiting the castle? So... make sure to spend a good couple of hours exploring the beautiful castle and it's surroundings, and put yourselves in the shoes of Scotland's kings and queens.

4pm: Enjoy a pint (or three)!

Head back down into the new town area of Stirling to get an afternoon pint. There are lots of different pubs to go to but here's a couple of our suggestions. For a more local pub, head to Nicky Tam's. For a more modern pub experience, head to BrewDog Stirling.

7pm: Dinner at Brea

Enjoy a nice Scottish dinner at Brea in a more relaxed dining atmosphere. They don't only have more Scottish meals, but also offer good burgers and pizzas.


In Stirling, you can have a nice relaxing day enjoying lots of food and drink, but there's also a lot to visit. So, you get a good mix of being a proper tourist and being a tipsy tourist - the perfect mix!

To book our walking tour, visit our website at

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