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private Tour

Inverness is just bustling with hidden gems ready to be explored. As the capital of the highlands and the main shopping, entertainment and travel destination for Northern Scotland, this charming city will take your breath away around every corner.


On this 1.5 hour tour, the main sights of Inverness will come alive as you explore, hear and learn about how the city has grown. From its humble beginnings as a royal city, to the jacobite risings and castle sieges to modern life in Inverness today (and of course, the loch ness monster!), come along and discover why Inverness is officially the happiest city in Scotland. 


Key sights include:

  • Inverness Castle

  • Inverness Cathedral

  • River Ness

  • Old High Church

And many more hidden gems!  

£65 total

up to 6 people

Meeting Point:

Martyr's Memorial (or by request)

Private Tour Info

You can book a private tour and pay through our website here. The price is for a group of up to 6 people and you can choose your own start time.

If you wish to choose a different starting point (such as your hotel), please email us and we can arrange this for you. If you wish to add lunch/food, we can arrange this for you as well via email.

For larger private tours, please email us.

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