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In collaboration with Glasgow Film Festival we are running a tour to showcase Glasgow's film and theatre highlights. Join us for a 2 hour walking tour discovering the famous and little known film locations in the city from Outlander to Trainspotting. 

Spaces are limited so book soon!

28th Feb - 8th March 2020

lgbtq+ TOUR

For LGBTQ+ history month, we are running an inclusive 2-hour walking tour on Saturdays in February. Join us to learn about the history of LGBTQ+ culture in Glasgow and how that translates to life today in the city. Hear stories of the well and lesser known venues, people and marches that have shaped Glasgow’s queer culture and set us as one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly cities in the world. 

Saturdays in Feb 2020


Glasgow is a beautiful city with a rich culture and history alongside a quirky, vibrant contemporary social life full of intoxicated students and eccentric locals. From being a poverty-stricken, overpopulated city to one of the richest and prosperous cities in Europe, we want to share how this transformation of Glasgow came about and showcase some of the best hidden sights along with the main historical monuments. Glasgow's story involves a mix of very important historical events, alongside a liberal, artsy and musical city that it has become today, which makes it a very interesting city to wander around. Join us on one of our tours to see our city in the most affordable, personalised tour available!

That's us, Jenny and Liv!

We both moved to Glasgow as students and very quickly fell in love with the city and all of it's beauty. In January 2017, we decided to start sharing the city with visitors and we're so glad we did! 

We pride ourselves on being a small company who just want to show off Glasgow to people who come and visit us! All of our guides input their own experiences and views of the city into the tour and, therefore, each tour is a little bit unique. 

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