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Discover Birmingham through a local's eyes every day at 10:30am or on a private tour. ​​We're known as an industrial city, but Birmingham actually has a lot of history and culture to explore. Don't miss out on an experience that will show you a brand new side to Birmingham you wouldn't discover anywhere else. 

Enjoy a sustainable tourism option and support a locally run business. Your expert, local guide can't wait to show you around our wonderful city. You can now book until the end of 2023!

daily tour

birmingham highlights

10:30AM | £12PP 

Get your bearings and discover Birmingham through a ‘Brummie’s’ eyes, with a local, expert guide. On this 1.5 hour tour, you'll not only see and learn about our history, but you’ll also gain an authentic insight into modern life in the city today and explore some hidden gems along the way! From Birmingham’s boom during the industrial revolution, to our iconic canals, and of course, the home of Cadbury chocolate! There’s something for everyone on this unique tour.

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