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Walking Tours in the UK is a unique walking tour company built by locals. We're a small company with a big mission; giving visitors the chance to visit UK's cities and towns with local, passionate guides. Our tours are fun, relaxed and show off local hotspots, as well as being informative. No two tours are the same; guides bring in their own experiences to each tour. Don't miss out on the best tour of your life! ;)


Liv and Jenny founded this company after seeing that Glasgow didn't have a walking tour in early 2017. In 2019, they decided to expand the tours to across Scotland so they could show off even more of the country. In 2022, we expanded into some of the wonderful cities of England. In each place, all of our guides are guides because they are passionate about the city and they want to share its beauty with you! We hope to see you on one of our tours soon. 

Walking Tours in the UK
Jenny & Liv





Welcome tae Glasgow! I’m Caron and I’ve been working for walking tours since 2018. I am a tour guide as well as an aromatherapist with my own wee south side business called Ru Moon. Glasgow is one of the great loves of my life followed by my cats & my dug! I’ve had the privilege of discovering the beauties of my own city with braw folk on holiday as well as bonnie locals. My proudest achievement is our LGBTQ+ history tour. I am a passionate advocate for our street art as well as Graffiti here in Glasgow and I look forward to seeing you on one of my tours!

Walking Tours in the UK guide



Hello! My name is Katrina and I am a retired teacher. I love living in Glasgow as it is such a vibrant city with a rich historical past and so much to offer in terms of art, music and sport. I am looking forward to showing you the sights of my city and highlighting the fact that "People Make Glasgow".

Walking Tours in the UK guide


Hi, I'm Tour Guide Barbara and I look forward to showing you our fun loving, culture packed, electric city of Glasgow. I have worked in many of our attractions, studied history here, shopped (too much) here and will probably never be wearing sensible walking shoes on our tours, see you soon!



Hello! My name is Mary and I am a Philosophy student at the University of Glasgow. I have a particular interest in the work and impact of Scottish philosophers and writers. I was born in Glasgow and it has been home to my family for generations. I'm so excited to continue exploring and sharing the history and culture of such a vibrant and significant city!



Hi, my name is Liz and I am Glasgow born and bred. I love the people, history and culture of the city and I look forward to sharing all this vibrant city has to offer on one of our tours very soon.



Hi my name is Carys. I have lived in Glasgow all my life and continue to study here as a student at Strathclyde University. When I’m not giving tours I am studying for my Masters degree in architecture. In my opinion Glasgow’s wealth of Victorian architecture and rich culture isn’t recognised enough. In my tours I hope to show the beauty of Glasgow and the stories behind the city.



Hello! I was born and raised in a town that 1984 author George Orwell described as the most godforsaken place he ever struck. Now having lived in Inverness since 2015, I enjoy telling some of the lesser known stories behind the landmarks here. Hopefully you'll enjoy hearing them!



Hi, I'm Doug and I was born and raised in the bonny Highlands. A graduate of UHI, I am an archaeologist and historian, but my passions run to folklore, music and climbing mountains. In a previous life, I was a fairly successful chef. I am sure I can recommend a good place to eat. Or drink - Slainte!

Walking Tours in the UK guide


st andrews

Hi, I am James. What I love about St Andrews, is that I believe the town is akin to a unique whisky or swatch of Harris Tweed. It has within it innumerable strands, patterns, characters and evocative images. I look forward to sharing them with you, in order that St Andrews becomes much more than an Auld Grey Toun on one of our town tours.


st andrews

Hello, I’m Anna! I’m going into my third year studying International Relations and Philosophy at the University of St Andrews. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the town, its strange and colourful history, and its many quirky traditions, which I’d love to share with you!


st andrews

Hi, my name is Dugald. I grew up in and around St Andrews, and I have started a Physics degree at the University here as well. I enjoy playing Scottish folk music on a variety of instruments. St Andrews is one of my favourite places to spend time, from the cliffs to the cathedral, and I can't wait to show you around!


st andrews

Hello! I'm Cate. St Andrews is a beautiful, ancient town which has a special place in my heart. It’s where I went to school and spent many wonderful days of my childhood. As a painter and writer there’s much to inspire! Today I live close by and often visit the stunning West Sands beach with my dog Basil. There’s a lot to discover: the Castle, Cathedral, Old Course, the town’s fascinating history, walks and great views. I hope you’ll come and experience this lovely town!

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 16.44.22.png

st andrews

Hi, my name is Cici. I was born in the North of Scotland but view St Andrews as my true home. I feel very privileged to live and work in St Andrews passing on my knowledge and appreciation for this beautiful, medieval, and Royal town. I look forward to welcoming you here soon for an enjoyable and fun walking tour!



Hello! My name is Beth and I am currently in my third year of an English and Linguistics degree at the University of Stirling. Originally from a rainy valley in Lancashire, I absolutely adore Stirling and fell in love with the surrounding countryside when I came here to study; I look forward to sharing my passion with my tour groups! Stirling has a rich past and has been the backdrop for many dramatic moments in Scottish, British, even European history, from the Ice Age right through to the present day. Come and discover Stirling’s past!



Howdy, I'm Harris, and I've been living and walking around Edinburgh for most of my life. I always delight in sharing what I know about the city, and every time I'm there, I learn something new as well. Showing you round the old and wonderful city will be a genuine pleasure

Walking Tours in the UK guide



Hi, I’m Steven, however, please call me Mojo… I’ll explain on the tour. I feel very fortunate to be a native of Edinburgh. Its people and diversity create an enchanting
culture and history which I’d love to share with you. I’m also a football referee; one who very much prefers walking tour bookings, to yellow card “bookings”!!!


south queensferry

Hi, I’m Marion.  I’ve lived in the beautiful community of South Queensferry for over 35 years.  I am a semi retired teacher and love walking and telling stories about the unique environments of South Queensferry and Incholm Island.  There is so much history and so many stories in this small place – I look forward to sharing it all with you.



Hi, I'm Bronwyn, I was born in Aberdeen and brought up in Aberdeenshire. I am a local artist and student. I love the architecture of Aberdeen. I suggest when out in any city to look up at the buildings. We often spend all our time looking straight forward and miss some beautiful architectural features. Looking forward to showing you around the city and sharing my knowledge.



Hey! My name is Eve. I've spent most of my life in Liverpool, and have spent many years looking at the history of the city.As a child I volunteered in the Albert Dock and for the last several years I have volunteered at Speke Hall. I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Kent studying Ancient, Medieval and Modern history, so during term time I live in the Medieval city of Canterbury but for the rest of the year I live in Liverpool near several places important to Beatles history. Looking forward to showing you round this fabulous city!

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 12.02.45.png


I’m delighted to be involved with Walking Tours U.K.’s entry into Liverpool, a city I am very proud to call home. Originally from Ireland,I spent most of my working life to date as Airline crew out of London. I have now semi retired to Liverpool, which I always regarded as my spiritual home here in The U.K. given it’s huge Irish heritage. A tremendous city in terms of history, culture, and the people themselves. I’m honoured to show it to you!



Hello, I'm Arthur and I'm studying for a masters in international development at the University of Birmingham, which is only a few hundred metres from where I was born and raised. I'm a huge fan of the city of Birmingham, and I can't wait to share the story of this incredible city with you!



Hello, I’m Richard and a proud Brummie. Now semi-retired, I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to tell visitors about this great city and its proud history. Come with me and meet the floozie and the carpet salesmen. And no, they’re not my relatives.



Hi, I’m Annabella, nice to meet you I’m currently studying Dance at Leeds Beckett so I love keeping active as well as being outdoors. Although I’ve lived in Leeds for 2 years, I spent lockdown exploring the city, finding the beautiful attractions as well as the many great places to eat. I want to share my love for Leeds whilst sharing facts as well as my own stories. Hope to see you soon!

Walking Tours in the UK guide



 Hi, my name is Louise. I am a 7th generation Glaswegian, so in a way the city is fused into my DNA. I'm a history graduate, who loves telling visitors the vibrant, many layered stories of my beautiful city. It's a wonderful city to live in and I look forward to telling you all about the history of Glasgow and its people on one of my tours.

Walking Tours in the UK guide


Hello! My name is Eleanor and I am originally from Dumfries and Galloway. I moved up to Glasgow four years ago to study History and have absolutely fallen in love with the captivating beauty of the city. I can't wait to show you around!

Walking Tours in the UK guide


My name is Tommy and I’m a support worker, massage therapist and volunteer for the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society. I am Mackintosh daft - proof in the many themed tattoos I have, but I also love my city and enjoy nothing more than sharing my stories and wee facts.



My name is Euan and I'm a Glaswegian by choice, and looking forward to showing you around. I am studying for a Master's degree in Global History and believe passionately in the importance and power of telling stories. When you're in Glasgow, know that you might get a wee bit wet, but you'll love every minute of it.

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Hi, I’m S.J. I am a mother, grandmother, and mature student, undertaking my master’s degree in History later this year and I’m really excited to share my passion for my lively, dynamic home city with you. On our fun, interesting tour, we will tread in the footsteps of a myriad of famous figures as we explore medieval streets, buildings, and statues, steeped in history, and discover the cosmopolitan cultural vibe of the city today. Offering renowned museums and historical attractions, galleries, urban artworks, picturesque parks and gardens, diverse architecture, a legendary live music, comedy, and entertainment scene, a calendar of festivals and sporting events, not to mention a wide range of shopping, eating, and drinking options. So, if it’s delicious fresh seafood, or haggis and a wee dram you’re after, Glasgow really has something for everyone. Join me to experience the ‘Weegie’ charm and humour which makes Glasgow a regular chart topper in the world’s friendliest cities.

Walking Tours in the UK guide



Hello, my name is Simon and I have lived in the Highlands for over 20 years. I have a passion for Inverness with its rich, diverse culture and history through the ages. Currently studying with the University of the Highlands and Islands, I am very much looking forward to meeting you and introducing some of the cities best, most varied stories.

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 16.14.12.png


I was born in the Isle of Skye and moved to Inverness as a small child. I went to primary and secondary school here.  Left at age 15 and have not long returned to live here, to find a very different town, or city rather as it now is. It is much bigger, livelier place than the little quiet market town I left several decades ago. I am really enjoying being back in Inverness and  have a much greater appreciation of its beauty and its long and fascinating history. I love reconnecting with its Gaelic heritage, and am very involved in Gaelic initiatives, trying to keep the language alive and thriving for future generations. So, yes it is very nice to be back in the capital of the Highlands!


st andrews

Hi, I’m Morag. I’ve lived in Fife all my life and spent a lot of time in St Andrews growing up. It quickly became one of my favourite places, and I love telling people all about the history of the town. St Andrews is one of Fife’s most historic towns, as well as being home to the best ice cream in Scotland. I look forward to seeing you on a tour.


st andrews

Hi, I'm Iain! I'm a first year, soon to be second year, Philosophy student at the University of St Andrews. I've been coming up to St Andrews since I was born, so I'll be more than happy to show you around the town I love! See you on a tour soon.


st andrews

Hi I'm Jack, a postgraduate student here at St Andrews. Like most students here, I've been completely engrossed with the town's rich history and culture. My aim is to make sure that any visitors leave St Andrews with the same admiration and fascination for the town that everyone living in the area has.

Picture 1.jpg

st andrews

Hi, my name is Verity, and I graduated from the University of St Andrews in June 2022 with a degree in History. I love to share my experiences as a student in St Andrews – or as we call it, ‘the bubble’ – as well as the town’s long and tumultuous history. The cobbled streets can be deceiving, and I can’t wait to show you the quirks, secrets, and stories that St Andrews hides under its surface!


st andrews

Hi there my name is John and after having a holiday home here for some 15 years on my retirement in 2016 I moved permanently, and it’s without doubt one of the best things I have ever done. The town is simply exceptional for its coastal beauty, being the home of golf, its University life and the intriguing part it played in Scottish history , and I now get to walk and talk about it to the towns many interested visitors.

Walking Tours in the UK guide


Hello! My name is Georgia and I am a second-year student at the University of Stirling. I am currently studying English and Journalism and I hope to become an international school teacher one day. I was born in China, grew up in Thailand, but I am Scottish and South African. I love showing people around my new home and helping you learn about some of the incredible history of Stirling.

Walking Tours in the UK guide



Hello, I'm Jane. My interest in history was nurtured in my very early years. Working in and around Stirling for many years, I became immersed in its dramatic history. I encountered villains, heroes and heroines - ordinary people as well as stars of Hollywood Blockbusters. All this is played out in the very compact space of Stirling Old Town. I can't wait to show you the city I love.



Hi! My name is Manon. After years travelling the world through my studies, I decided to settle in Edinburgh, where I've been living for two years. This jaw drop you get when you first visit the Old Town? I never lost it. I'm passionate about sharing Scottish history, with somewhat of a literary edge, as I am a PhD student specialising in 19th-century travel literature. I can't wait to take you on a tour and share my love of Scotland with you! 



Hi, I’m Claudia! I’m an Edinburgh native and it’s fair to say this city is my first love. I spend the academic year in Dundee studying Economics and Politics, but I’m always excited to return home. I can’t wait to share this special city with you!



Hiya! I’m Steph, one of the guides for the Granite City. I moved to Aberdeen 5 years ago from Edinburgh to study Art & Design at Grays School of Art and I ended up falling totally in love with the city’s history, architecture and art scene; so here I am now showing all of you lovely people all I can around and about our fab wee city, hoping you’ll love it too!



Hi! My name is Eva, I was born and raised on Hungary, moved to Scotland in 2016 and fell in love with Oban in the first minutes I've arrived. Love how kind and helpful Obanites are, and how beautifully special this place is. I feel honored to guide our guests around and I hope they injoy the blether as I do. Welcome to Oban



Hello my name is Saffron! I'm one of the tour guides for Liverpool! I’ve lived here all my life and know a lot about different parts of the city. Though Liverpool is famous for many things there’s a lot that people don’t know! So whether it’s from my own knowledge or stories I’ve heard, I love showing people around and talking about the city!

Picture 1.jpg


Hi, I’m Dan! I’ve lived in and around Liverpool my entire life, so I know a thing or two about the city! I have a deep passion for the city which has grown more each year I’ve lived here. I specialised in archaeology at Liverpool John Moore University while studying Forensic Anthropology and even wrote my dissertation on the nearby Chester Cathedral. Liverpool is one of Britains greatest cities, I can’t wait to tell you all about it! 



Hello. I'm Pete and was born and bred in Birmingham. Now that I've retired from teaching, I'm able to spend more time telling people about the place of my birth; the city of a thousand trades, with more canals than Venice and more parkland than Paris. Amongst many things on the tour, I'll be telling you about the buildings who have given the city its shape as well as the men and women who have shaped the city.



Hi, my name is Dee, and I have recently retired. So now I have the chance to do something I really love; meeting lots of people and chatting about my lovely city, Birmingham. Ever changing, ever interesting, that's Brummagem. I can't wait to show you around!



Hi! My name's Brianna and I'm a language nerd studying Chinese and Japanese at the University of Leeds. I've been in Leeds for four years now and I'm in love with the place! It has so much culture and hidden history that isn't widely known about and I love showing people Leeds's hidden charms!

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